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Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission

by Deva Green

Inspired by Jeffrey Wolf Green’s best-selling Pluto, Volume I, this groundbreaking astrology book offers clear, step-by-step instruction and practical application of his original work’s methods. Pinpoint your soul’s evolutionary stage by locating Pluto in your natal chart. Gain insight into your psychological makeup, identify your soul’s evolutionary stage, and discover your true purpose in this life.

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The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology

by Deva Green

Evolutionary astrology is a specific methodology which sees the evolution of the soul as a process of growth which occurs as we progress from one lifetime to another. While it is a complex subject to consider, we can engage with this process by understanding more deeply the role of the Moon and its nodes, which have specific meaning in connection with the journey. They can help us to find a sense of security and provide a means of emotionally supporting ourselves through the natural tension that results as we make the transition from the past to future.

In “The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology” Deva uses a client case study and the charts of Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King and Jane Goodall to guide us on our way.

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Here are some reviews that have been submitted to about my book “Evolutionary Astrology” that you may find interesting.

By Sylvia Hawley (Springfield, OR USA) –

As with those great teachers whose vibrations impact many in highly individual ways, Jeffrey Wolf Green’s retirement from teaching was cause for considerable sorrow and regret for his students. Fortunately for us all, in the years leading to Wolf’s gradual withdrawal from the demands of active teaching, he was joined in his work by his daughter, Deva, then in her late 20s I think. Deva’s apprenticeship was a decision she herself made after exploring higher education and other avenues. When she began to study with her father (and her mother, also a fine evolutionary astrologer), Deva had close and full access, a sincere and genuine interest and a modest sense of her grasp of the material. Over the years, she has blossomed into an exceptional astrologer, counselor, author and teacher of depth and presence. Her book adds stunning clarity and simplicity to the sometimes complex teachings of her father. Hearing as he did and does continually from every chakra of a risen kundalini, Jeffrey can see and teach things that require a rare consciousness to understand. I say that speaking for myself as a student who needed years to osmose these teachings and begin to be able to help others in a meaningful way with this beautiful astrology. Osmosis is a Pluto kind of thing and that’s what it takes to grow into the understandings organically. But Deva brings a clarity and spirit of ease and play with insights that were clearly her Soul’s before it brought her to join her father this time as his daughter. For those who have struggled with Wolf’s two volumes, Pluto I and II as we call them, Deva’s clarity will be a welcome relief. And, she’s teaching. Astrologers and seekers can find her online and her school is based in Ashland, Oregon. Just Google for Evolutionary Astrology or Deva Green. Expect the infinite.

By A. Mather “literary maven” (Kent, OH USA) –

With the publishing of Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Jeffrey Wolf Green) more than 20 years ago, the astrological world moved into a new era of chart interpretation that captured an individual’s psyche–past, present and future–like never before. Not a “cookbook” of descriptive key words and phrases, Evolutionary Astrology (EA) as realized and developed by Jeffrey over the years has given astrological counselors real tools to help their clients deal with their emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual dimensions in a way that produces real soul growth.

Now, with Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission, Jeffrey’s daughter Deva brings her own unique insights to the understanding and practice of evolutionary astrology. Not only did Deva formally study EA with her father, while she was growing up she saw it in action on a daily basis and osmosed (Pluto) a great deal of knowledge and understanding in a way that others have not been exposed to, and this deep understanding is reflected in her first work on EA.

In addition to her refreshingly youthful, yet deep, insight into EA, Deva reveals the evolution of the EA paradigm itself and brings the principles of evolutionary astrology to life thru copious examples that astrologers can use to illuminate their own chart readings.

Deva has expanded the descriptions of the four evolutionary stages (of consciousness), one of the core teachings of EA, and has provided many examples of how to apply the stages to a birth chart in numerous places throughout the book. Her descriptions of the core archetypes for each house, sign and corresponding planet both review and build on the original Pluto material in easy-to-understand and apply descriptions and principles. For example, EA: Pluto and Your Karmic Mission offers more extensive discussions of the archetypes of masochism and sadism found within the Virgo/Pisces axis, the archetype of the Daemon soul found in Sagittarius, and Natural Law versus man-made laws/religions and how they influence and condition the basic archetypes accordingly.

In addition, Deva both reviews the core principles of the main evolutionary axis (Pluto and its polarity point, the north and south nodes and their planetary rulers), the definition of the Soul and the Ego, the ways the soul effects its evolution, and aspects to Pluto and updates them with new and expanded insight and examples. The last chapter explains the two methods of chart interpretation–the house method and the planetary method–and shows the reader how to synthesize them with the main evolutionary axis and, of course, the basic archetypes of evolutionary astrology.

This brand new offering in Evolutionary Astrology at its finest, i.e., as the continuance of the true and original Evolutionary Astrology as first realized and taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, is a must-have for anyone seeking to help themselves and their clients expand their consciousness, discover their Karmic Mission, and move from Karma to Dharma.

By Marylynn Neese “Lynn Licata-Neese, MA” (Olympic Peninsula, WA)

“Pluto and Your Karmic Mission” is so much more than the title presents. Written with concise attention to detail in a clear approach, Deva wastes no words or adds no confusion, leaving even the most unenlighted reader of human nature completely clear and amazed at the depth of knowledge. This is the ultimate book on character analysis and will likely end up as a classic in astrology. It is “must have” for any psychologist, social worker or even those remotely interested in human nature and a universal perspective. As a beautiful and stunning source of truth and guidance it far surpasses the old worn out repititous astrology of the ancients and brings fresh, new insights not only for EA astrologers and those interested in the subject, but for everyone in any type of healing and serving profession. Deva Green is a Master and a perfect example of what a soul should be, moving through our world today.

Offers a survey of modern use blending chart interpretation with a focus on Pluto and code locations, May 8, 2009

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) –

EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY: PLUTO AND YOUR KARMIC MISSION comes from an astrology and founder of ‘evolutionary astrology’ and offers a survey of modern use blending chart interpretation with a focus on Pluto and code locations. This in-depth guide provides an excellent survey perfect for advanced and dedicated new age libraries, with chapters covering charts, aspects, and Pluto’s importance.

By J. Bobbitt “Astrologer” (Houston, TX) –

This book is great. Deva writes about Pluto with the same depth and insight of her brilliant Dad, Jeff Green. She shares her knowledge with understanding and compassion. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in expanding their concept and meaning of Pluto’s evolutionary path in a chart. I look forward to her future books.

No Cutesy Sun Sign Astrology Here!, April 12, 2009

By Amy Herring “prophetessamy” (Seattle WA USA) –

Building from the work of her father Jeff Green, Deva discusses the techniques and philosophy of using astrology to evolve the soul with purpose, rather than just describe one’s personality. This book goes deeper than most, and is in fact, a bit thick, but it’s well worth the wade! A must for serious astrologers.

Required reading for Evolutionary Astrologers, March 19, 2009

By Roger Weld “Owlsplace” (Reno, NV United States) –

Nice entry level book from Deva Green, daughter of Jeffery Wolf Green. The book provides a solid foundation for the basics of astrological interpretation taught by Evolutionary Astrology pioneer, Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Find your destiny through Pluto, March 18, 2009

By Petra (The Netherlands) –

If you have this book you do not need any other astrologybook in the world. This book is such a comprehensive method in understanding where you are coming from and what your destiny is in this life.

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I am currently in the process of writing my second book which will be based on the evolutionary progression of the Soul within the context of the current life being lived. This will cover progressions, transits, and planetary returns.