Pluto in Libra

by Deva Green

The intention and purpose of this article is to analyze the general evolutionary intentions lessons of the Pluto in Libra generation, and to demonstrate how these generalized lessons of the entire generation can be given an detailed, in depth analysis by adjusting the core, essential lessons to reflect the other imperative mitigating factors in the birth chart. We will be interpreting the main, core lessons of the generation of Pluto in Libra from an evolutionary point of view. This analysis is founded on the principles of evolutionary astrology. The other mitigating factors that are included in any interpretation of a birth chart are:

– The Soul’s natural evolutionary condition, or state,

– his or her culture of birth (cultural conditioning factors),

– gender, and

-economic status.

These factors must be addressed in this article because they are essential evolutionary astrological principles. Each of these factors will condition how the archetype of Pluto in Libra will be expressed by any individual. However, the intention of this article is not to introduce or promote evolutionary astrology. The purpose of this article is to give a clear, in depth, and accurate picture of the evolutionary lessons and intentions of the Pluto in Libra generation. We will demonstrate how the evolutionary condition of the Soul will impacts the interpretation of the individual’s evolutionary and karmic requirements symbolized by Pluto in Libra. The other factors which must be included that have been addressed can then easily be applied once the core archetype and meaning of Pluto in Libra is comprehensively understood.

Before we interpret an isolated symbol in the birth chart, especially Pluto, we must first discuss the core, underlying philosophy and methodology of evolutionary astrology. Evolutionary astrology is a natural science, based on observation and correlation. This means that astrology can only operate in an observed context. In other words, astrology can not create life, it can only reflect it. This eliminates the gross generalization that “one size fits all.” In this article the words “Source”, and “Creator” will be used to describe what in spiritual terminology many have defined with the word God. These words simply define the Universal Creator that created every form of life on this planet.

Pluto in evolutionary astrology correlates with the Soul. Simply defined, the Soul is an immutable consciousness that can never be destroyed, it can only change form. The word change implies evolution. We are talking about the nature of energy when we discuss the Soul. It is the nature of the energy of consciousness itself. There are two coexisting, antithetical desires inherent within the Soul: One to return to the Source of creation, and the other to separate away from the Source. The evolution of the Soul is based upon the progressive elimination of all the separating desires of the Soul. Over a great length of evolutionary time this produces the great masters and avatars of our time. The Soul is unconsciousness in most people, and thus the evolutionary process of the Soul is not consciously understood by the vast majority. This is because the center of gravity within most people is the ego, not the Soul. As we evolve the center of gravity within consciousness shifts from the ego to the Soul. We consciously perceive the evolutionary process of metamorphosis of the Soul as it evolves. We perceive the interaction of the two coexisting desires within our Soul, and the positive effects of purging separating desires. Eliminating separating desires, and constantly acting upon our desires that are founded on the desire to return to the Creator creates a continual state of growth, and evolution.

We can all experience the interaction of these two antithetical desires through the dynamics of satisfaction, and dissatisfaction. The sense of dissatisfaction is in fact an echo of the desire to return to the Source. Is not true that after we actualize any of our separating desires we do have a temporary sense of satisfaction, yet an even deeper sense of dissatisfaction replaces this feeling after a period of time? This is a reflection of the desire to return, and merge with the Source. The Soul is exhausting its separating desires. The realization that only an identification, and merging with the Source will provide true and lasting meaning, and ultimate satisfaction will be integrated. This universal sense of satisfaction and dissatisfaction correlates with the Pluto in astrological terms, and will be experienced in areas the correlate to the house and sign position of the natal Pluto.

The Soul creates in ego in each life in order to generate a distinct and personal self-image. It is also purge energy, just like the Soul. It is analogous to a lens on a movie projector. Without the lens we could just have diffused images of light. The ego is an integration function within subjective consciousness, and is an utterly necessary component of consciousness. Without the ego we could not speak our own names. The specific structure of the ego is created by the Soul in order to support the evolutionary intentions of the Soul. The ego operates as a vehical through which the evolutionary intentions of the Soul can occur. The point in describing the ego is that as the Soul evolves by purging its separating desires the center of gravity within consciousness shifts from the ego to the Soul itself. We do not identify with ourselves as a separate individual, but rather as a reflection of the Source which is connected to any other form of life A good analogy to illusrate how the ego operates within consciousness, and the impact of the center of gravitiy within consciousness is the wave upon the ocean. The ocean correlates with the Soul, and the wave with the ego in this simple analogy. If the center of gravity within consciousness is in the wave, than the individual will identity and perceive him or herself as a separate entity. Clearly, the Ocean is the source of the wave. If the center of gravity within consciousness is the Ocean, than the individual will identify and experience him or herself as an individualized manifestation or reflection of the Source that is connected to every other form of life. The conscious connection to the Universal Creator creates this perception when the center of gravity within consciousnes is in the Soul. Our perception and definition (Pluto) of ourselves and of life in general is dramatically altered as this shift in consciousness from the ego to the Soul occurs.

Pluto in the natal birth chart symbolizes the Soul and its evolutionary process of metamorphosis as it exhausts all its separating desires, and unites with the Source. Pluto correlates with the past patterns of identity association, desires, and intentions of the Soul coming into the current life. This is why it is a point of natural gravitation for all of us. It will correlate with the deepest sense of unconscious emotional security that any of us will have because of the tremendous personal identification with the areas associated with the house and sign position of Pluto. There is a reliance upon these past patterns and orientations because these patterns do constitute the Soul’s emotional security. Emotional security is rooted in the need to be self-consistent, which is a function of the past. It is the known and familiar ways of being. However, it is exactly this dynamic that creates the negative attributes commonly given to Pluto such as: resistance to change, defensiveness, stubbornness, manipulation, and compulsions. The resistance to changing these old patterns creates blocks and limitations from an evolutionary point of view.

It is our own cooperation and resistance to change that determines the nature of our life circumstances, and experiences. Pluto’s polarity point, by house and sign, describes the evolutionary intentions for this life. The polarity point describes how the Soul will evolve, grow, and reach greater heights of awareness and development. It is the path the change, the manner in which the old, negative patterns symbolized in the natal position of Pluto can be transmuted. In so doing, the natal position of Pluto by house and sign will be born, or regenerate, into higher levels of expression.

Another factor to address is the house which the Pluto in Libra occupies. Pluto will be in a specific house relative to any individual’s natal birth chart. The sign that Pluto is in correlates with the general vibration of the entire generation that are born with Pluto in the same sign. All those with Pluto in Libra are learning the generalized lessons reflected in the Libra archetype. These lessons are the need to learn equality, balance, and objectively understanding the sense of individuality, or identity, in a social context. Within these lessons, the lessons of when to give, and when not to give are crucial. The evolutionary intention and need is to objectively listen to others, to a partner, and give to another what is needed from that reality, not the individual’s reality. Libra will symbolize that an extreme has been reached, and balance must be achieved.

We can clearly see extremities and imbalances in the relationships that this generation forms, and in personal behavior. Is it a coincidence that this generation is called “generation x”, or extreme? Of course, these principles and correlates must be put in an individualized context. The sign of the natal Pluto, in this case Libra, will condition the expression of the house that Pluto occupies. The house that Pluto is in reflects the specific, individualized past patterns of identity association, desires, and intentions of the Soul. Thus, we will have to adjust the core, bottom line evolutionary intentions of Pluto in Libra to reflect the house that Pluto occupies.

As mentioned earlier in this article the four natural evolutionary states of the Soul are a vital factor to include in the interpretation of any birth chart. The evolutionary conditions gives the birth chart an individualized context in order to arrive at an accurate interpretation. These evolutionary states will dramatically impact the expression, or manifestation, of archetype of Pluto in Libra. There is a core, essential meaning and intention for all individuals that have Pluto in Libra. The evolutionary state of the Soul determines the level at which the archetype is being expressed.

The four natural states, briefly described are: the Dimly evolved state, the Consensus state, the Individuated state, and the Spiritual state. There are 3 substages, or subdivisons, within these 4 main evolutionary conditions. We will not go into depth in describing these states because this is not the focus or intention of this article.

The Dimly evolved state is a condition wherein the Soul has just emerged into human consciousness from other forms of life (plant and animal life forms). 2-3% of all Souls on the planet are in this condition. Thus, common terms of these Souls are “mentally retarded,” “cretinism,” and other widely used terminology for those Souls below normal, or average intelligence. The main desire and intention of this stage is to be “normal” or like those in the majority of society.

The Consensus state of evolution is a condition wherein the Soul desires to conform and be accepted by the mainstream, or majority of society. 75% of all Souls are in this evolutionary condition. Souls in this state do not think independently, or deeply question those in mainstream society or those in position of authority in society. The desire is also to learn thoroughly how the system, or society operates and is structured in order to “get ahead” or be “on top of” the system. This, of course, is based upon the persons career and material possessions and wealth. In the final substage of this evolutionary condition the Soul develops the capacity to guide or lead the rest in the consensus because the individual has learned how the system works. There are many examples of Souls in this evolutionary condition. These Souls are typically the CEOs of big corporations, and political leaders.

The Individuated state correlates with those Souls who are “individuating.” 20% of all Souls are in this evolutionary condition. The term individuation means that the Soul is now independently thinking and acting for him or herself, and no longer relates to or wants to conform to the Consensus. The psychology of liberation from these conditioning patterns is emphasized within these Souls because of the desire to become an individual free from the dictates of the mainstream society. Rebellion against those in the Consensus state commonly manifest because of this need. In the final stage of this evolutionary condition the Soul can manifest genius capacities in order to help the consensus, and society in general, evolve through his or her ideas, inventions, or other unique gifts. A good example of a Soul who was in this evolutionary state is Albert Einstein.

The last and final evolutionary condition of the Soul is the Spiritual state. 2-3% of all Souls are in this evolutionary condition. In this stage of evolution the core desire and dynamic that propels the Soul is the desire to return, merge, and be of service to the Creator. The center of gravity within the Soul shifts from the ego to the Soul. The archetypes of devotion and humility manifest as these individuals seek to be of service to the Source, and realize how small we all are from an egocentric point of view. This awareness manifests as the center of gravity within consciousness shifts from the ego to the Soul. The analogy of the speck of sand on the beach is commonly used to illustrate the inner experience of Souls in this evolutionary state. In the final stages of this evolutionary state the center of gravity within consciousness is firmly within the Soul, and this produces the great Masters and Avatars of our time such as Jesus, Yogananda, Krishna, and various other Gurus who have touched the life of countless individuals.

Now that we have illustrated the main principles of evolutionary astrology, the and core dynamics operative within the evolution of the Soul, we can now discuss the evolutionary purpose and intentions of the Pluto in Libra generation. We must first understand the core, essential meaning of the archetype of Libra.

Libra correlates with the initiation of a diversity of types of relationships with others. This is because of the desire to understand its sense of individuality through comparison and contrast with others. In other words, Libra evaluates its own individuality through comparison and contrast with others whom the individual initiates a relationship. The relativity of personal values, beliefs, needs, of anything, is learned through social interaction of this nature. Libra is literally learning how to participate in society and with others as an equal. On the deepest level Libra correlates to the natural law of giving, sharing, and inclusion. Objective awarness must now be developed, and this lesson is learned through the need to initiate relationships, and participate in society on an equal basis.

Libra correlates the psychology of how we listen to our partner, and others in the social world. How we listen to others reflects our own internal dialouges, or listening patterns. This explains the universal experience of not feeling truly heard by a partner. The experience that an individual is not listening to us from our reality, or hearing us in way that we really intend is a universal phenomeana. This dynamic is created when an individual is listening from his or her own own point of view, reality based on their own needs and own reality. Again, Libra correlates with extremities, imbalances, and the need to achieve a state of balance relative to such extremities. This is why Libra will symbolize extremities and imbalances within relationships, and personal behavior in general (fluctuating from one psychological extreme to the next).

The evolutionary intentions of Pluto in Libra are to learn equality, balance, and objectively in the context of understanding the sense of identity in a social context. Imbalances, inequalities, and extremes in relationships are the most common evolutionary problems that those in this generation experience. Why is this? The need to complete the self through relationships has become distorted. The fundamental dynamic that creates the distortion is the need to be needed. This distortion creates the evolutionary problem of becoming dependent upon another for a sense of individuality, meaning, and means of knowing what an individual should not be doing in life.

In other words, relationships of codependency, and emotional dominance and being dominated by another in the relationship are created because of the dependency upon others and the relationship to provide a sense of identity and meaning. Emotional security is rooted in the need to be in relationships, and the need to be needed (Pluto in Libra). Projected needs are then created in these relationships based on the dependencies described above. Needs create expectations, which are then projected onto the partner or on to others in a relationship.

The essence of this evolutionary problem is that both the individuals in the relationship have displaced emotional needs that he or she unconsciously expects the other in the relationship to fulfill. When these projected needs are not meet a variety of emotional distortions and confrontations will manifest. This leads to the phenomena of conditional love, or conditional giving. This is vastly different than unconditional love, and unconditional giving. The individual will withhold love or giving if his or her own projected needs are not being meet. This is exactly why these individuals may not be able to recognize or receive giving from others, or another may not recognize what is being given.

Trying on a variety of different values, beliefs, and ways of being in relationships often creates an identity crisis because the individual looses sight of his or her own identity. The Soul is unconsciously fulfilling the projected needs of the partner, who the person “should be” or who the partner expects and desires the individual to be. The partner can be the one who demands that other plays into, or fulfills these expectations.

At some point in time the individual will ask the question, “who am I,” and “what am I” because he or she cannot relate to the persona, or identity that has been adopted. These questions can only be answered from within the self (Aries polarity point). Any dependency upon another or a relationship to answer questions of this nature will only sustain the extremities of playing many different people in different relationships. This is known as the “chameleon” archetype, or compensating for the true identity in a relationship because of the need to be needed.

Again, the deepest sense of emotional security is rooted in the desire to be in relationships, and the need to be needed. When the desire to complete the self through a becomes distorted, and the need to be needed is dominate within consciousness, the relationships that are initiated with others will be based on mutual codependency, inequalities, and extremes ways of behaving or approaching relationships. Most of these individuals have not learned how to relate to themselves as independent beings in the context of relationships, and the existing partner within the relationship.

The need to be needed creates the compulsive (Pluto) desire to initiate relationship after relationship. This is exactly why this generation has emphasized lessons of learning not to place or allow oneself to be put on a pedestal by another. Essentially in this condition the individual is making the other into a defacto God/Goddess because of the projected needs that have not been meet from within him or herself. Of course, the partner, or the individual, at some point in time will fall off this pedestal.

There are two main potentially extreme ways to behave in, or approach, relationships. Both extremes are founded on the dynamics of dominance and being dominated. This reflects positions of emotional control, and being controlled. The first potentially extreme way to behave in relationships is of allowing oneself to be dominated by a partner, or by others in relationships. This individual is fulfilling the partners needs to the exclusion of his or her own needs. In the worst case scenario this creates the “alter-ego” effect. This describes a situation wherein the individual simply becomes a vicarious extension of the other individual’s identity, values, needs, etc. The other partner has manipulated the relationship and the other to feel that by meeting his or her needs the individual is having their own needs meet. Individual’s who act in this way are unconsciously seeking acceptance, validation, and expect to be given to by others. This extremity is reached as soon as the individual looses sight of his or her own individuality. This occurs whenever the Soul “tries on” too many values, beliefs, ways of being in relationships that others represent as mentioned before.

The other extreme is to dominate a partner, or others in a relationship. In this case, the dominant individual expects that the other partner be a vicarious extension of him or herself, and fulfill his or her own needs. Such an individual will impose his or her values, beliefs, needs on the other in such a way as to feel that these values and beliefs are the individual’s own. This partner will manipulate the situation in such a way that he or she will make the other feel that the partner needs him or her in life to feel “OK,” to be loved, and to be validated. Individual’s in this state of extremity are unconsciously attracting others who need companionship, love, and acceptance. These roles can be fixed in a relationship, can change within the same relationship, or can change in different relationships.. In any of these situations, or extremes, the evolutionary lessons of Pluto in Libra are the same. A critical lesson for this generation is to become aware of the dynamic of how the need to be needed controls the formation of the relationships that are initiated with others. This cannot change until the individual is aware of this distortion, and eliminates, or purges, it from the Soul. Certainly, this dynamic is inhibiting growth from an evolutionary point of view.

The polarity point of Pluto in Libra is Aries. Simply stated, the polarity sign of Aries correlates with the evolutionary intentions to develop the individuality, and initiate their own self-motivated direction in life without asking for the consent, approval, or permission of another. The need to create relationships of mutual independence, and of co-equality is essential for evolution to occur. Within these lessons the awareness of when to give, and when not to give is symbolized.

The withholding of giving must occur in situations wherein an individual asks for more giving, yet has not applied what was given before. By not giving, or withholding giving in these situations the Soul is actually practicing a form a supreme giving. The individual must also learn to perceive the withholding of giving from others in this same light if he or she is expecting more giving from another yet has not applied what has already been given. When individual’s have learned to give in this way, all dependencies on others and on relationships will be purged from the Soul. The balance of relationships will be realized as the Soul learns that by giving to others first what is need from the other’s reality he or she will have their own needs meet ten-fold. These Souls must learn to choose to be with others who have the courage and capacity to initiate their own self-motivated directions and actions in life. In so doing, mutual independence and coequality is created within relationships.

When these evolutionary lessons are put into motion these individuals are extremely giving. These individuals can now objectively identify reality as it exists for anybody, and be inwardly balanced in any external situation. This generation can then motivate and inspire others to have the courage to discover, and simply be themselves through actualizing inherent individuality. The house that the polarity point of Aries occupies will correlate with the specific, and individualized evolutionary requirements for the Soul. The house symbolizes the types of experiences that any individual will have to in order to learn the lessons and intentions of the Aries polarity point.

We can now adjust these core evolutionary intentions and desires of Pluto in Libra to any evolutionary state, or condition. For example, how would Pluto in Libra manifest in a Soul who is in the Individuated state? The individual would be seeking to initiate relationships with others who can reflect back his or her own unique identity. The partner must also be in the process of individuation for any true and lasting connection or relationship to be established. The partner must encourage the independent actualization of the individual, and validate the need to liberate from conditioning patterns of the consensus. The need to individuated and rebell against the consensus conditiong patterns will especially will expressed in the context of how one is “suppose to be” or “ought to be” in relationships from a societal standpoint.

The very essence of the relationship will be founded on the need to experiment with different ways of being in relationships in order for individuation within the relationship to manifest. As the Soul progresses, or evolves, within the individuated state the ability to be inwardly secure within his or her own individuality, and to express this identity and independent voice within the relationship will be developed. A common problem in this evolutionary state is one of compensation for the true, or intrinsic, identity. This distortion manifests because of insecurities within the Soul in the context of expressing his or her unique individuality in mainstream society. The fear of being ostracized and excluded from mainstream society is experienced as the individual no longer conforms and cannot relate to those in the consensus society. The need for the approval of others based on the need to be needed must be worked through in order for internal security within the individuality to be established. This will occur through bonding with others of like mind, who are also in the process of individuating and liberating from the mainstream society’s conditioning patterns.

In the Consensus state of evolution the Soul will be a vicarious extension of how the majority in society expect others to be in relationships. If the culture demands that a woman be dominated by a man, or visa verse, then this is how the woman and man in this stage of evolution will behave. Individuals will expect that others conform to the same culturally prescribed roles for men and women in relationships. These people will not seriously question the nature of these conditioning patterns, or those in mainstream society who follow these conditioning patterns. Evolution occurs in this state as the Soul exhausts the need to conform to the majority in the context of relationships, and begins to assert his or her own individuality and identity within relationships and within society in general. The Soul has now learned how the society is structured, or operates, in the context of how society demands others behave in relationships, learn socialization, and give to one another.

Those in the Spiritual state of evolution will desire to initiate relationships with others who are also in this state of evolution. The essence of the relationship will be to give to another what is needed. The theme of service to the Creator will be the very foundation of the relationships that are formed in this condition. Balance, equality, and mutual independence must manifest in the existing relationship if any lasting, true connection is going to be established. This does not mean that the distortions and imbalances described previously have been completely eliminated from the Soul. These dynamics can still be operative within the Soul in the beginning stages of this evolutionary condition. These Souls have developed the capacity to thoroughly understand these dynamics and purge them from the Soul. The individual will have the awareness that the partner is a mirror of his or her own inner reality. Relationships will be used to promote the on going spiritual evolution of each partner in the relationship. The underlying dynamics, and desires, in such Souls is the desire to be of service to the Source. Clearly, relationships that are formed with others must reflect the individual’s own evolution and desires of this nature.

The intentions of evolutionary necessities of the Pluto in Libra generation that have been described in this article can be adjusted to any natal birth chart. This can by done by including, or incorporating the other crucial mitigating factors that were addressed in the beginning of this article. Again, the focus and purpose of analyzing the evolutionary requirement and desires of the Pluto in Libra generation to provide a holistic, comprehensive, and deep understanding of the core lessons and needs of this generation. Collective and personal evolution manifests as individual Souls desire to make the choice to change, evolve, and grow as necessary. Clearly, it takes alot more than just one person to accomplish the evolutionary needs of the planet. Those individuals with Pluto in Libra can make a conscious choice to cooperate with his or her evolutionary requirements, and help each other understand and embrace these very same lessons.