Deva Green, 2011I am the daughter of world renowned astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green who is the founder of Evolutionary Astrology. I have immersed myself in the study of his work for many years now and have received personal instruction and teaching from him. As a result I am uniquely qualified to carry on his work, which was my father’s desire. I have written a book on Evolutionary Astrology called Pluto and Your Karmic Mission: Evolutionary Astrology, published by Llewellyn Publications. This book is a ‘how to’ book based on my father’s first book, Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

In my short career I’ve lectured at the Evolutionary Astrology Conference in 2004 and 2006 and at the NORWAC conference in 2007 and 2010. I have taken over my father’s business and co-founded the Jeffrey Wolf Green School Of Evolutionary Astrology. The School of Evolutionary Astrology sells a DVD home study course of the first Pluto school that my father taught. The course was designed for the student who wanted a comprehensive Evolutionary Astrology teaching that lead to certification as an Evolutionary Astrology competent to counsel people from the EA perspective. The course is unmatched in its detail and comprehensiveness. It requires homework that is personally corrected by me (Deva). Click for further information on the school.

I also counsel people and offer readings using my work in Evolutionary Astrology.  If you are interested, please contact me.  My rate is $100.00 an hour.

I also offer 30 minute mini-readings for $50. These are for those who want a brief interpretation of the core dynamics of their natal chart to to gain more insight into the nature of Evolutionary Astrology through one on one interaction and also the main current life intentions reflected in their natal chart.

In addition, 20 minute recordings for $35.00 that focus on any specific question(s) using the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm are available.

Recordings of previous study group classes that discuss Pluto through the houses/signs are available. $10.00 for an individual MP3 recording, or special price of $45.00 for the complete series.

The School of Evolutionary Astrology offers a message board for anyone interested in Evolutionary Astrology, whether or not you are a registered student.  On the message board you can ask any questions you have about Evolutionary Astrology. Click to read or sign up for the message board.